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Geringong to Kiama

It was a 5 hour walk, draining and and exhausting but I would say hard work is all worth it. The views were amazing and makes me wanna go back this summer. This time i will do it more gently and slowly. Probably pack my lunch and just lye down the green grass, enjoy the cold ocean breeze and views, as if I own the world.iMAC_2566 iMAC_2593 iMAC_2597 iMAC_2605 iMAC_2608 iMAC_2616 iMAC_2625 iMAC_2626 iMAC_2628 iMAC_2643 iMAC_2646 iMAC_2650 iMAC_2656 iMAC_2658 iMAC_2660 iMAC_2662 iMAC_2666 iMAC_2670 iMAC_2673 iMAC_2675 iMAC_2678 iMAC_2679 iMAC_2680 iMAC_2681 iMAC_2682 iMAC_2690 iMAC_2693 iMAC_2696 iMAC_2697 iMAC_2705


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This entry was posted on August 10, 2014 by in Landscapes, New South Wales, Places.


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