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Gold Coast

This place has always been on my top list. I love the vibes of the place, the sexiness, the water that is as blue as the sky. The energy, the beautiful people, everything… With my 4 days and 3 nights stay, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed this place… And of course, the parties all night too =)

iIMG_0827 iIMG_0805 iIMG_0837XIMG_0835 XIMG_0831 XIMG_0826 XIMG_0824 XIMG_0821 XIMG_0818 XIMG_0841 XIMG_0848 XIMG_0853 XIMG_0860 XIMG_0862 XIMG_0863 XIMG_0926 XIMG_0921 XIMG_0919 XIMG_0885 XIMG_0884 XIMG_0868 XIMG_0928 XIMG_0935 XIMG_0938 XIMG_0950 XIMG_0955 XIMG_0960


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This entry was posted on January 17, 2014 by in Gold Coast, Places.
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