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Confessions of a lonely boy

I was in high school when I had my first girlfriend. I remember, there was no day, no hour that I have not thought about her. Her beautiful face, her sweet smile, oh dear, she completes my day. We were both 14, but yet, we feel like we were grown ups. However, as all premature relationships often end, the spark didn’t last long. We separated ways as expected. She was focused on her own priorities, I presume her studies, and me too. We were both very young with big dreams in life. It is unfortunate I have not seen her again after high school. I went to uni in the city, while she went to a college nearby.

I then went to uni with few of my good high school friends. Ready to take a bigger journey ahead us. I started as a BS Commerce student, but eventually shifted to BS accountancy after my friends have moved to Manila to pursue their studies. And I was left alone. I lived in the university dorm within the campus. There I met another girl in my life. She was beautiful, and certainly one of the hotties in the campus.  She lives in the same dorm where I live so we had plenty time to catch-up especially after school and at night. Certainly many of my dorm mates are jealous. The relationship went pretty well at the beginning, but unfortunately as well, did not last very long. She is now married with a cute baby girl. I am jealous that she has already made a loving family, and I am still single. Although most of the time, doubts surround me whether am I going to have a really good one. Not known to many, deep inside me are stories only known to myself.

I’ve never been into relationship since then. I was young, with really big dreams. My priority was to make these dreams a reality. Working in a corporate world, dealing with Manager, CEOs and CFOs. I thought these were all I wanted. Too focused on my careers, it seems I have already forgotten the tickles of being with someone and being loved. And yes, I have missed it for sometime.  Having a decent job in a big city such as Manila is such an incredible experience. And because you make a little bit of money, you are also able to do a little bit more than what you are used to. But more than all these, is the freedom to do things based on your own desire. Exploring who you really are, what you want, and other incredible things you are not even aware you are capable of.

To be continued…


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This entry was posted on January 7, 2014 by in Others.
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