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Oxford University, England

If I can only live in this place forever… I would… (Photos taken from my iPhone 4S)iIMG_2919 iIMG_2921 iIMG_2924 iIMG_2927 iIMG_2928 iIMG_2929 iIMG_2930 iIMG_2932 iIMG_2941 iIMG_2946 iIMG_2950 iIMG_2954 iIMG_2959 iIMG_2967 iIMG_2973 iIMG_2974 iIMG_2977 iIMG_2980 iIMG_2981 iIMG_2983 iIMG_2987 iIMG_2990 iIMG_2994 iIMG_2998 iIMG_2999 iIMG_3001 iIMG_3004 iIMG_3006 iIMG_3008 iIMG_3009 iIMG_3013 iIMG_3014 iIMG_3017 iIMG_3020 iIMG_3021 iIMG_3022


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2013 by in Landscapes, Oxford, Places.
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